Welcome to the Free Online Mac OS Tutorial!

Who should read this free online Mac OS Tutorial? (latest update: 27-12-2019)
- you want to know how a Mac works
- you're thinking of buying a Mac
- you are a Mac user with a problem or a question

This website can be used for all MacOS versions, but especially from 2015: 'El Capitan 10.11'.
The latest MacOS is called 'Catalina', version 10.15. MacMiep does not use it yet.
The most differences between the latest MacOS systems is beneath the hood.

How does this tutorial work?
The tabs above show the main chapters and sub chapters.
Beginners should start with the main chapters and use the sub chapters for later reference.
You can also use the search function.

With that, this tutorial is also color coded:

text in a blue section = SWITCH-TIP (especially for Switchers: users who choose to switch from MS Windows to MacOS)
text in a grey section= TIP (for experienced users)
text in a black section = WARNING (important to all Mac users)

Enjoy!, grtz, MacMiep

What operating system is my Mac using?
Watch this little movie to find out how.

I have an older version of macOS, what now?

Dear Mac user,
Always update your Mac to the latest operating system possible, or the latest system that still gets security updates.
In case your Mac is too old for that, be careful with sensitive operations like: digital banking, credit cards, PayPal, etcetera.

Of course your Mac still can be used perfectly for other tasks!

Disclaimer: MacMiep is independent. This means she writes what she wants, based on 25+ years of Mac-experience. She doesn't get paid for stories (positive or negative) on this website.