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Who is MacMiep?
Rina Jans is my real name. I reside in a town in the North of the Netherlands with my cats Felix and Nefertiti.
I first came into contact with the Apple Macintosh at an Academy of Art. Before that, I hated computers. But I immediately fell in love with the friendly machine with the graphic user interface.
Since 1992, I've been working as a desktop publisher and graphic designer. Always with the Mac.
I've also worked at an Apple Dealer for three and a half years and as a VOIP and Windows helpdesk operator.
I also took multiple AppleCare Technician Trainings.

Around 1998, my first Mac OS tutorial came online:
a troubleshooting and internet guide for the 'classic' Mac OS 8 and 9.
Three years later I wrote a tutorial for Mac OS X.

From 2007 to 2012 I wrote 7 paper books about the Mac (in Dutch). A series called "Aan de slag met de Mac"(ISBN/EAN: 978-90-812885-x-x).

Since I'm online, my nickname has been 'MacMiep'.
"Mac" is obvious, but "Miep" comes from the Dutch pronunciation of "Meep Meep"- from the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons.
I had a black male cat with three white whiskers. His name was Tippy. He died end 2016 from a heart condition. I miss him every day.
His brother Felix got a red sister back: 'Titi' (who likes to keep her human clean). The three of us live in the upper North of the Netherlands in a town called Winschoten. The gold fish have a pond of their own now.

Thanks to: Ruud Ravenhorst and his sister-in-law. And thank you HEXDIY from Belgium!

Rina Jans for

MacMiep dedicates this free online MacOS X tutorial to all those developers who write freeware and shareware for the Mac.
I have no programing skills. Consider this website my contribution to the Mac-community.

Disclaimer: MacMiep is independent. This means she writes what she wants, based on 25+ years of Mac-experience. She doesn't get paid for stories (positive or negative) on this website.